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Patti (
Date:Thu 05 Nov 2015 04:34:54 PM EST
Subject:Etone Jell E Drops

I am looking for any information on the 1988 Etone toy co. 25 inch Jell E Drops I can only find the copyright but not any of these stuffed toys I found it and at first thought it was a giant California Raisin. Any help on Value or other information would be great

Thank you


sheila (
Date:Thu 15 Oct 2015 02:28:28 PM EDT
Subject:african American soft sculpture cabbage patch kid

Hi everybody
I'm looking for a Xavier Roberts original little people doll,they have had a few on e-bay but the prices are very expensive,any help is very much appreciated thanks


Candace R Barron (crbarron1313
Date:Mon 28 Sep 2015 03:16:33 PM EDT
Subject:Strawberry Shortcake collectible

I have a toy called Fig Boot and it's still in the original box. I'm looking to sell it and just don't know where to go (not good with computers 😩) to find a buyer. Any help is appreciated.


Candace R Barron (crbarron1313
Date:Mon 28 Sep 2015 03:15:54 PM EDT
Subject:Strawberry Shortcake collectible

I have a toy called Fig Boot and it's still in the original box. I'm looking to sell it and just don't know where to go (not good with computers 😩) to find a buyer. Any help is appreciated.


Francy (
Date:Sun 27 Sep 2015 05:54:02 AM EDT
Subject:1977 blow mold mushroom toy box

I am looking for a blow mold mushroom toy box it was bought originally in Nebraska in 1976-1978.It has a mouse beside it. The top off the mushroom I think is red with yellow dots.


Matt (
Date:Mon 11 May 2015 12:24:08 PM EDT
Subject:1988 Legend of Zelda Board Game Sealed

Hello, I have recently acquired a factory sealed Legend of Zelda board game made by Milton Bradley in 1988. I have been encountering some difficulty in finding accurate information as to the value and rarity of this game and was wondering if anyone here could shed any light for me?

I have found a few listings on Amazon, eBay and elsewhere ranging anywhere from $150-$1000 depending on condition etc... but most of them are old or unsold. Additionally, I came across only one listing for a factory sealed version for an astronomical $23,000 but the auction was expired and the item unsold.

Having worked in resale and dealt with vintage toys for a long time I have a hard time believing a board game could fetch that kind of money, but with the iconic influence of the Zelda franchise I'm starting to wonder if this game could be an exception. Any help, suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


mrs denise e bailey (
Date:Thu 05 Mar 2015 03:17:48 PM EST
Subject:80s baby doll

Hi everyone. Could anyone help me identify an 80s baby doll my sister used to have. It has had a soft body but plastic legs, arms and head. It had a musical wind-up box that played a lullaby. It's head used to move too.


Ursula (
Date:Thu 05 Feb 2015 01:36:35 PM EST
Subject:Cabbage Patch Porcelain Doll - Pamela Diane

Hi, I'm interested in the Cabbage Patch Porcelain Pamela Diane, you can send me more pics of the doll, the certificates and box please. No cracks or scratches?
I hope your e-mail


Eric (
Date:Tue 30 Dec 2014 11:21:20 PM EST
Subject:Vintage Transformers Helmet

Hello, I have been trying to find out more information about a vintage Transformers helmet from 1984 that I own, but I am having a hard time finding any info. I have attached several pics. Any information that you can provide would be extermely helpful. Thank you!!!



- (
Date:Mon 20 Oct 2014 08:46:28 AM EDT
Subject:Vintage Care Bears Care-a-lot playset accessories wanted


I would like to buy accessories for vintage Care Bears Care-a-lot playset. I'm also looking for original pink My Little Pony vintage Dream Castle with all the accessories.


C. Edinger (
Date:Fri 17 Oct 2014 03:05:09 PM EDT
Subject:Rose Petal Place Pitter Pat please help

I am looking for a plush Rose Petal Place Pitter Pat. I would like to find one to give to my wife (she had one when she was 8 and lost it. )Please help anyway possible. Email me at


Kami (
Date:Tue 14 Oct 2014 08:28:36 PM EDT
Subject:Yellow Cheer Bear?

I have a 13" plush care bear that is yellow, has a rainbow on its belly, the heart on its bottom says "Care Bear Cousins" and the tag says this: KENNER
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Care Bears TM
American Greetings
Corp. 1983
60230 KL

I have searched just about everywhere online for this bear and cannot find it. None of it makes sense. Bedtime Bear has a moon on his belly and is an aqua color. Care Bear Cousins are the animals(other than bears), yellow bear is normally Funshine Bear, and the bear normally with the rainbow on its belly is Cheer Bear. Eek! Please help!

Thank you!


hansenb (
Date:Sun 31 Aug 2014 03:15:29 PM EDT
Subject:Lot of 17 Vintage 1st %26 2nd Issue Strawberry Shortcake Dolls (Sealed %26 in boxes)

I have a lot of seventeen (17) vintage 1st %26 2nd issue Strawberry Shortcake dolls that are stilled sealed and in their boxes that I am looking to sell to a good home from my childhood.

They include:
Strawberry Shortcake
Raspberry Tart
Mint Tulip
Lemon Meringue
Angel Cake
Sour Grapes
Crepe Suzette
Cherry Cuddler
Almond Tea
Apple Dumplin'
Butter Cookie
Cafe Ole
Blueberry Muffin
Orange Blossom
Lime Chiffon
Huckleberry Pie

Please contact me if you may be interested.


john richardson (
Date:Thu 24 Apr 2014 01:01:55 PM EDT
Subject:Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Harp

I have a Strawberry Shortcake Rose Pedal Place ''Sweet Harp'' by Oscar Schmidt that is dated 1983 in the original box. If anyone knows the value would you please let me know.


Lesley (
Date:Thu 24 Apr 2014 12:03:38 AM EDT
Subject:White boxed dolls?

I have a Huckleberry Pie in box. But the box is white and not like the other boxes I have seen. Can anyone tell me about it? It is unopened. I don't want to open to see if it is different if someone knows. Thanks