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Rugrats |

Rugrats Italian Charms


These Rugrats Charms are made by Casa D'Oro and are very high quality. Money Back Guarantee if not satisfied.
RUG002 Angelica Angel Smiling Charm (Retail Price $18-$24)$8.99
Ships immediately.
RUG003 Angelica Face Smiling Charm (Retail Price $18-$24)$8.99
Ships immediately.
RUG004 Angelica with Cynthia Doll Dangle Charm (Retail Price $18-$24)$8.99
Ships immediately.
RUG008 Dill Crawling Charm (Retail Price $18-$24)$8.99
Ships immediately.
RUG009 Dill Head Charm (Retail Price $18-$24)$8.99
Ships immediately.
RUG010 Lil Head Charm (Retail Price $18-$24)$8.99
Ships immediately.
RUG011 Phil Head Charm (Retail Price $18-$24)$8.99
Ships immediately.
RUG012 Phil with Arms Up Charm (Retail Price $18-$24)$8.99
Ships immediately.
RUG017 Tommy With His Bottle Charm (Retail Price $18-$24)$8.99
Ships immediately.
RUG018 Tommy On Ball Charm (Retail Price $18-$24)$8.99
Ships immediately.
RUG019 Tommy and Dill with Love Dangle Charm (Retail Price $18-$24)$8.99
Ships immediately.
RUG026 Dill with Bottle Dangle Charm (Retail Price $29-$39)$8.99
Ships immediately.
RUG031 Chuckie with Teddy Bear Dangle Charm (Retail Price $29-$39)$8.99
Ships immediately.

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